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Genre: Comedy, Dark Comedy, Drama

Cast Size: 2 (1M, 1F)

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Shoulda Coulda Woulda gives us Trisha, Marcus and a glimpse into their genuine friendship. However, the pair is forced to test the purity of their dynamic in their most vulnerable of moments. Despite all the signs indicating an inevitable outcome in their relationship, S/C/W quickly reminds us that life often leaves us with regrets.

It should be also be understood that these acts can be performed individually or collectively and if done together can be done in any order. Each act is an individual piece of the puzzle can be told in whichever order you wish.

If you’re in New York I would love for y


Genre: Dark Comedy

Cast Size: 4 (3W, 1M) 

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No Service North Of 96th is a story of instinct and aftermath. The play introduces us to three women in their late twenties all at crossroads in life. Lifelong friends and roommates, Ash and Joyce, live in West Harlem (The Upper-Upper West Side) and find that they are in need of a sublet for the month. Becca, having only seen the city from a screen and snow globe, takes the room hoping to transition cleanly into her new career. However, after a hellish introduction, Becca learns that NYC isn't like the New York you see on ‘Good Morning America.’



Genre: Horror, Dark Comedy

Cast Size: 2 (2M) 

 · · ·

When his father passes, Reilly looks to connect with the one person in the world who could possibly understand what he’s going through. However, that one person, Hunter, has gone out of his way to remove himself from modern society. A story about deep-rooted bonds, family sin and forgiveness, Gone Nowhere asks ‘Where do you run to, when there’s nowhere left to run?’

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Genre: Drama, Religious Drama 

Cast Size: 8 (2M, 2W, 4 Chorus)

· · ·

Deep down below the bible-belt in the ambitious town of Podunk, Georgia, Pastor John Thomas is at war with the hearts of his congregation. Hoping to aid a family in need, John wrestles with ephemeral faith while coming to terms with the fact that he is an outsider in his own community. Scared Children questions the responsibilities of religion, servitude, and neighborly approaches.



Genre: Drama, Dark Comedy 

Cast Size: 5 (3M, 2W)

 · · ·

Selected in the 2013 Young Playwrights Festival and produced by Columbus State University, Hoops is the story of young love and a slowly decaying family. 



10-Minute Play

Genre: Comedy, Environmental ​Awareness

Cast Size: (1M, 1W)

 · · ·

Winner of the KCACTF Region 1 "Planet Earth Arts Award", Isla and Her Earth is the story of a young girl as she begins her journey on bettering the planet!

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